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Name of the faculty Title of the paper Name of the authors Name of the journal
M. Senthilkumar Synthesis of poly(2,5-dimethoxyaniline)-SnO2 nano composites and their structural, optical and electrochemical properties M. Senthilkumar  and      P. Manisankar J. Indian Chem. Soc
M. Senthilkumar NbCl5 – Catalyzed One-Pot Four Component Synthesis of Spiro Pyrazole and Benzo[7,8] chromene Derivatives, Organic & Supramolecular Chemistry,  VairaperumalVeeramani , PerumalMuthuraja, Sengodu                      Prakash, MuthiahSenthilKumar, AntonySusaimanickam,and Paramasivam Manisankar Chemistry select, vol 33, issue 35, 2018, 10027-10031.
Loganathan K T MgC6H2 Isomers: Potential Candidates for Laboratory and Radioastronomical Studies

Aditya P. Pandey, Uday Kumar Padidela, Loganathan Konda Thulasiraman, Ramakrishnan Sethu, Pothiappan Vairaprakash

And Venkatesan S. Thimmakondu*

J. Phys. Chem. A 2020, 124, 37, 7518–7525
 M. Rajaperumal  Comment on “Microwave synthesis of graphene/magnetite composite electrode material for symmetric supercapacitor with superior rate performance” K. Karthikeyan, D. Kalpana, S. Amaresh and Y. S. Lee              RSC Adv.,2017,  47332-47334.
M. Rajaperumal The  Biodiesel Production and Emission analysis from Karanja (Pongamia) non-edible vegetable oil K.Sivakumar, C.Sivanesan, M.Rajaperumal International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology