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The Soil Mechanics Laboratory has been established over an area of 120 sq.m. and is equipped with facilities to carry out many types of tests on soils. These include testing of a large range of sample sizes for shear strength, Consolidation, CBR, Grain size distribution, Unconfined Compressive Strength, Compaction test etc. Students also learn the techniques to determine index properties and engineering properties of soil by conducting appropriate tests.  The study of various properties of soil and its safe bearing capacity is a prime requisite for designing a proper foundation for the construction of roads, buildings, etc. Students are taught the Standard Penetration Test for the determination of Safe bearing Capacity of soil.

Soil Mechanics Lab. also offering consultancy services to various Government & Private organization and generate revenue to the College under Internal Revenue Generation. Some of our Client includes, Public Work Department (PWD), Tamilnadu Electricity Board, Rural Development &Panchayat Raj Department, District Rural Development Agencies, Tamilnadu Highways Department, Indian Railways, State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamilnadu Ltd., Tamilnadu Slum Clearance Board, Various Municipalities, Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department etc.


Major Equipments

CBR Apparatus

Tri axial Compression Test

Electrical Oven

Direct Shear Test Apparatus

Liquid Limit Apparatus

Sieve Shaker

Sieves (Fine& coarse)

Soil Permeability Test

Soil Proctor compaction Mould and Hammer

Soil Hydrometer




Concrete lab in Civil Department is equipped with necessary facilities for conducting laboratory classes for under graduate students. Total area covered is 159m2 including cabin for the laboratory incharge. Also, it is equipped with nondestructive testing equipments to undergo consultancy works in Civil Engineering Department. Compression testing machine, accelerated curing tank, rebound hammer, ultra-sonic pulse velocity testing, bitumen testing instrumentation and all workability testing equipments are available in this laboratory. Various consultancy activities are undertaken in the field of Mix design, Structural Design Consultancy and Stability check of existing buildings and monuments.

Major Equipments

Compression testing machine 200Tcapacity

Non destructive- rebound hammer

Non destructive – ultra sonic pulse velocity

Concrete Permeability Apparatus

Workability measuring equipments

Crushing and impact testing machines

Bitumen testing apparatus



A well-equipped computer lab with advanced facilities is established for the benefit of the Civil Engineering students. At CAD lab, students get professional training on 2D & 3D drafting of Civil Engineering drawings using the latest version of AUTOCAD software. Students will gain the knowledge of Analysis, Design and Drafting needed for civil engineering discipline. The computer Laboratory of Civil Engineering Department is equipped with sufficient no of computers having 100MBPS internet connectivity. Software like STAADPRO, RCDC, SAP,ETABSAUTOCAD 2016 are available for carrying out the Structural analysis and design consultancy works. Smart Boards, B/W printers, Color Printers, copiers and projectors are available for better Teaching learning process.

Core-i7  based computers-20Nos

Core-i3 based computers-5Nos

Pentium IV based computers-5Nos


SAP 2000



RCDC detailing software

Internet Connectivity

UPS 10KVA, 2 KVA, 1.4 KVA




Major Equipments

UTM of 30T capacity

UTM of 100T capacity

Torsion testing machine for steel rods & wires

Izod impact testing machine

Charpy impact testing machine

Wood Testing Machine

Hardness testing machine

Spring Testing machine

16 Channel Data Logger

Electronic Digital Extensometer

Screw Driven 10T UTM


Compressometers Dial gauge






Major Equipments

Total Stations

Digital Theodilites

Digital Levels

Digital Planimeter


Dumpy Level

Leveling Staff

Prismatic Compass

Plane Tables



Ranging Rods




Major Equipments

UV spectrophotometer

COD Digester

BOD incubator

Kjehldal  apparatus

Muffle Furnace

Double distillation unit



Major Equipments

Atomic AbsorptionSpectrophotometer

Rotary Shaker

Flue gas Analyser

Digital Bomb Calarimeter

Flame photometer

Laminar chamber

High volume sampler

Ion Chromatography



Major Equipments

Servo Hydraulic UTM-25T capacity

Loading Frame 50T and 100T Capacity

Crane 5T capacity

16 channel Data-logger

LVDT’s and Dial gauges

Concrete Permeability Apparatus

Hand Held Digital Strain Meter

Power packs with hydraulic jacks

RC Reaction cell (Structural test floor)

Hollow Block making machine

Flexure Testing machine

Shake Table

Pile Loading Frame



Corrosion Engineering is the application of science and art to prevent or controlcorrosion damage in a safe and economical manner. Corrosion tests are conductedfor a number of reasons including:

  1. Establishing corrosion mechanisms
  2. Defining corrosion resistance of materials and how to develop new corrosionresistant alloys
  3. Estimating service life of equipment
  4. Developing corrosion protection processes
  5. Defining the critical potential values for materials in various environments

This laboratory is established for conducting experiments on corrosion anddurability performance of concrete, steel, other metals and alloys. The primaryactivities include experimental studies on model under various environmentalconditions. This laboratory serves a wide spectrum of activities covering thoserelated to teaching, research and consultancy activities.


Major Equipments

Rapid Chloride Penetration Test (RCPT) Apparatus

Linear Polarization Resistivity meter

Electro Chemical Impedance Analyzer

Basic Vibration testing Rig

Screw Driven UTM



Major Equipments

Image Processing Software

Petrologic Microscope


GIS Software

Resistivity meter