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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering


The Department has various laboratories like Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab, Analog & Digital Communication Lab, Networks Lab, VLSI & Cyber Physical Systems Lab, Signal Processing Lab, RF & Microwave Electronics Lab and Optical Communication Lab for UG students and Optical Networking & Simulation Lab, RF System Design Lab and PCB Prototyping Station for PG students.


Electronic Devices & Circuits Lab

The Electronic Devices and Circuits Laboratory has been established over an area of 159 sq.m. Here courses such as Digital Electronics Lab for III Sem, Linear Integrated Circuits Lab for V Sem and Electronic Circuits & Simulation Lab for IV Sem, are conducted. This lab is equipped with Electronic Workbenches with Regulated  Power supply, Function Generator, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Micro ammeter and Voltmeter, Bread Board and Personal computer with Mulitsim and ORCAD PSPICE Perpetual License (Software) and Digital trainer Kits.


Analog & Digital Communication Lab

The Analog & Digital Communication Lab has an area about  159  sq.m. Here courses such as Electron Devices and Circuits lab for III Sem, Digital Electronics and  Communication Lab for III Sem CSE, Analog and  Digital Communication  Lab for VI Sem  are conducted. This lab is equipped with Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Advanced Motorized antenna Set up to determine the radiation characteristics of Loop antenna, dipole antenna, Yagi-Uda antenna and Micro strip antennas, Communication Trainer Kits, Regulated Power supplies, Function Generators, Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Ammeters and Voltmeters.


VLSI & Cyber Physical Systems Lab

VLSI & Cyber Physical Systems Lab has an area about 247.7 sq.m where  courses such as VLSI Lab for VI Sem, Cyber Physical Systems Lab for VII Sem, Microprocessor and Microcontrollers Lab for V Sem  are conducted. This lab is equipped with   FPGA kits, 8085 & 8086 Microprocessor Kits and 8051 Microcontroller kits, interfacing kits, Arduino Microcontrollers and various  sensors such as Ultrasonic sensors, Infrared sensors, Temperature sensors, LDR, LED and Photodiodes for doing Cyber Lab Experiments. This Lab is also equipped with Xilinx and  IC Design Software (CADENCE) for doing VLSI Lab experiments.


Networks Lab

Network programming lab is conducted for VI sem. This Lab is equipped with LAN Trainer kits, Network simulation software (NETSIM) for simulating Network routing protocols and Wireless sensor Networks kit for doing UG project works.


RF & Microwave Electronics Lab:

RF & Microwave Electronics Lab has an area of about 54.3 sq.m where the course  RF and Microwave Lab for VII Sem is conducted. This lab is equipped with Klystron Microwave Test Bench and Gunn Oscillator Microwave Test Bench for measuring the Frequency, Guided wave length, Power, Insertion loss and Coupling coefficient at Microwave frequency.


Signal Processing Lab

Digital Signal Processing Lab has an area of about 400 sq.m and is used for conducting Digital Signal Processing Lab for V Sem. This Lab is equipped with DSP Processors, PC with MATLAB  simulation software.


PCB Prototyping Station

PCB Prototyping Station has an area of 11.16 sq.m. This is used for the fabrication of designed RF and Microwave components and antennas of UG, PG student Projects and Research Scholars.  Two layer PCB for Low Frequency and High frequency Electronic Circuits can also be fabricated. It has a PCB Prototyping Machine and Soldering station.


Fiber Optic Networking Lab:

This Lab has  an  area of 32.5 sq.m where courses such as  Fiber Optic Networking  Lab for I Sem(M.E) and Optical communication and Networking Lab for VII Sem(B.E)  are conducted. This Lab is also used for Ph.D Research scholars. It is equipped with UV3000+ UV/VIS Spectro Photo Meter, E6000CI Single Mode OTDR, MS 9740A Optical Spectrum Analyzer, Light Runner and LASER Equipments.




Optical Networking & Simulation Lab

In this Lab Optical Networking  Lab for II Sem(M.E) is conducted. This Lab is also used by Project students of VIII Sem(B.E) and  II year (M.E). This Lab is equipped with OPTI System Perpetual License (Software) version 12,16,16.1, OPTSIM Perpetual License (Software) and Photonics CAD Perpetual License (Software).


RF System Design Lab:

This Laboratory is meant for validating the RF System designed by B.E, M.E and Ph.D scholars during their Project or Research work. In addition to this academic usage, this Lab can be availed by out station Ph.D scholars, PG scholars and Industry for testing their RF Prototype at nominal fee.

The usage of this Lab includes:

  1. To measure the Return Loss, Transmission coefficient, Reflection coefficient, Gain of RF system including Microstrip circuits and Antenna.
  2. Input & Output impedance of the RF system.
  1. Measuring the Frequency Spectrum of Single or composite signal.
  2. Measuring the Phase Noise of RF oscillator and Constellation of digital modulated signal.

List of Major Equipments

  • Vector Network Analyzer (100KHz – 20GHz) – Rohde & Schwarz make
  • Vector Network Analyzer (300KHz – 3GHz) – Agilent make
  • Spectrum Analyzer (5KHz-7.5GHz) – Rohde & Schwarz make
  • Spectrum Analyzer (9KHz-3GHz) – Agilent make
  • Vector Signal Generator (250KHz-3GHz) – Agilent make
  • Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (300MHz) – Agilent make
  • Power Sensor (10MHz -18GHz, -30dBm to 20dBm)


List of RF & Microwave Frequency Simulator


Sl.No. Name of the Simulator Modules and Tools
1. CST Studio Suite Microwave studio, 3D Simulation, Circuits and Systems, PCB & Packages, Filter Design, Fest 3D, Spark 3D, Antenna Magus, System Simulator, IdEM
2. CST Studio Suite Opera FEA for Low frequency Electromagnetics and Electro Mechanical systems
3. Ansys – Electronics Desk Top HFSS, SIwave Ansys Maxwell, Ansys Q3D Extractor



  • UV3000+ UV/VIS Spectro Photo Meter
  • E6000CI Single Mode OTDR
  • Vector Network Analyzer (3GHz & 20GHz )
  • E4402B Spectrum Analyzer
  • E5062 Vector Signal Analyzer
  • E4438C Vector Signal Generator
  • MS 9740A Optical Spectrum Analyzer
  • Light Runner
  • Antenna Radiation Plotter
  • PCB Prototyping Station
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  • Wireless Sensor Network
  • LASER Equipment
  • HFSS Perpetual License (Software)
  • CST Microwave Studio Perpetual License (Software)
  • OPTI System Perpetual License (Software)
  • OPTSIM Perpetual License (Software)
  • Photonics CAD Perpetual License (Software)
  • IC Design Software (CADENCE) (Software)
  • ORCAD PSPICE Perpetual License (Software)