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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

 Research Activities

Faculty members along with the students do research in major areas of Communication Engineering and have many research publications. A Patent is also applied in the field of Optical Communication. The department has well established facilities and sophisticated equipments for doing research in the areas of Microwave and Optical Communication. The Department has been recognized as a research centre by Anna University, Chennai.

Areas of Interest of  Faculty :

Name of the Faculty Area of Interest
Dr.A. Sivanantha Raja Optical Communication
Dr. S. Somasundaram Polynomial Controllers, Stable Controllers
Prof.C. Mahendran Microwave Antenna
Dr. D. Helena Margaret Microwave Antenna
Prof. C. Karthika Pragadeeswari Video Surveilance
Prof. G. Dhevanandhini Digital Image Processing
Dr. B. Rajeshkanna Wireless Sensor Networks





Details of PATENT:

 Name of the Faculty Title Application Number Status
Dr. A. Sivanantha Raja Noise free Public Address System for Auditorium using White Light Emitting Diode Communication 202041002376 Applied


Research Guidance

SL.No Name of the Mentor No.of Ph.D Scholars Produced No.of Ph.D Scholars Pursuing

No.of M.S(Research)

scholars Produced


Dr. A. Sivanantha Raja


10 05 02

Dr. S.Somasundaram

Associate Professor

03 01


Details of Research Scholars


The major ongoing research activities in the department under the Guidance of our faculty  members are:





Name of the Supervisor Name of the Scholar


Area of work



Dr.A. Sivanantha Raja

Professor and Head

R.Sarojini Impact of Semiconductor Optical Amplifier in Optical Networks
2 N.Aravindan Optical Wireless Communication using Visible Light : A brief investigation
3 A.Anand Investigation on Brillouin Scattering Effect in Fiber Optic Communication
4 N.Gopi Investigation on Nonlinear Polarization Effects in Fiber Optic Communication
5 Yarra Naga Subrahmanya Vamsi Mohan Outdoor Applications of Optical Wireless Communication Systems

Dr. S. Somasundaram

Associate Professor

T. Geetha Design and real time implementation of Stable PI Controller for Spherical tank process




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