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Lab Facilities

The department has excellent lab facilities which ranges from exquisite collection of legacy mercury arc rectifiers,imported machines which is serving for more than seven decades, to the state of the art lab of Next Gen Lab(IoT ,AI and Robotics Lab),Smart Grid Lab, Advanced Drives Lab,Virtual Instrumentation Lab, 3D Printing Machine, Industrial Grade Softwares, High capacity computing, GPU based nano processors,etc. Presenting a vibrant learning environment for the students. All the labs in are department are well maintained with separate technicians and are provided with safety earth fuses, circuit breakers and first aid box.


DC Machines Lab


Machines labs are the earliest lab established in the department with imported machines of ASEA , Brown Boveri etc,. This lab has a variety of meters in different ranges for performing the experiment. Although the primary use the lab is the UG machines Lab course, It is extensively used for development of projects like linear induction motors etc., This lab has an total area of 199.2 Sq.m

Major Equipments

  • DC Shunt Generators,
  • DC Series Generators,
  • DC Compound Generators,
  • DC Shunt Motors,
  • DC Series Motor,
  • DC Compound Motors,


AC Machines Lab

This Lab has been established over the area of 199.2 Sq.m

Major Equipments

  • Single Phase Transformers
  • AC Machines Lab
  • 3 Phase Alternator Sets,
  • 3 Phase Transformers,
  • 3 Phase Salient Pole Alternators,
  • 3 Phase Pole Changing,
  • Induction Motor 1 Phase and 3 Phase,
  • Squirrel Cage and Slip-ring Induction Motors,
  • Induction Generators,
  • Synchronous Motors,
  • Pole changing Induction Motor




Power Electronics and Drives Lab(PG)

This lab has been established over the area of 58.9 Sq.m. It is used for teach PG- level Power Electronics and Drives lab courses, research related activities and for consultancy work like energy audit etc.,

Major Equipments

  • Power Analyzer,
  • IGBT based Three Phase PWM Inverters for SR motor,
  • 3 Phase Half and Fully Controlled Rectifiers,
  • 1 Phase Cyclo Converter,
  • Series and Parallel Inverters,
  • IPM Based Electrical Drives
  • 3 Phase Inverter for Speed Control Setup,
  • 500MHL DSO,100MHz,200MHz
  • MOSFET Power Modules,
  • AC Voltage Regulators,
  • Resonant converters,
  • Multilevel Inverters,
  • Harmonic Analyzer,
  • Power Meter,500 MHz
  • MSO



Computer Lab

This lab has an area of 186.5 Sq.m. It is equipped with advanced computing machines with industrial grade softwares. It is widely used to teach simulation experiments in power systems, control systems, power electronics etc., It is also used for conducting online quiz and other TEL related activities

  • Pentium-i7 based Computers ( 40 Nos),
  • Pentium-i7 N-Computing System with 5 nodes,


Mi-Power Software,

  • MATLAB/Simulink,
  • ETAP,
  • LabVIEW,
  • dSpace with data acquisition modules,
  • P Laser Printer,
  • Internet Connectivity,
  • UPS 10kVA, 2 kVA.


Drives Lab

The Drives lab is established over an area of 156.2 It consists of a modern AD DC drive system. It forms an excellent test bench for drives related research activities

Major Equipments

  • Modern Electrical Drive System consisting of AC Drive, DC Drive, BLDC Drive,
  • Machine Assembly capable of real time data acquisition and control,
  • Hardware in loop for Power electronics & drives (cRIO-9039),
  • 3 Phase Slip-ring Induction Motor,
  • Compound Motor Coupled set
  • DC shunt Motor
  • DC Series Generator Coupled Set


Power Electronics Lab

Area of the lab is 240

Major Equipments

  • Single Phase Inverter Modules,
  • Single Phase Semi Converters,
  • Single Phase Fully Controlled Converters,
  • 3 Phase Fully Controlled Converter,
  • 3 Phase IGBT based Inverter,
  • SCR based 1 Phase AC Voltage Controller,
  • DC-DC Buck, Boost, Buck/Boost Converters,
  • FPGA based Speed Controller of Rectifier fed DC Motor,
  • Analog Oscilloscopes
  • 30 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscopes
  • V/f control of Induction Motor Drive with DSP Controller

Electronics Lab

Area of the lab is 187 . This lab is used to teach Electronics devices, analog and digital integrated lab courses

Major Equipment

  • Digital IC Trainers,
  • Dual Tracking Power Supplies,
  • Function generators,
  • Dual Trace CROs,
  • Digital Measuring Instruments,
  • Electronic Work Bench.
  • Trainer kits




Embedded Controllers Lab

Area of the lab is 105

Major Equipments

  • Computers (6 Nos.),
  • ARM 2148
  • Microcontroller based Modules,
  • PIC microcontroller based Modules,
  • Universal add on Modules for Microcontroller 8051,8085 Kits,
  • ADSP 2148 Based Embedded Modules.


VLSI and DSP Lab

Area of the lab is 80.1

Major Equipments

  • Computers (19 Nos.),
  • VLSI Trainer kits,
  • Spartan trainer kits,
  • Spartan 3E Trainer kits,
  • DSP kit
  • TMS3202407
  • TMS320C5416
  • TMS320V6713




Measurements Control and Instrumentation Lab

Area of the lab is 160.2

Major Equipments

  • LVDT,
  • Synchronous AC and DC Bridges,
  • Hall Effect Transducer Module,
  • Pressure and Temperature Transducers,
  • Load cell Transducer,
  • Interface Dual Tracking Power Supplies,
  • Instrumentation Amplifier,
  • A/D & D/A Converters,
  • Current Transformer ,
  • AC & DC Servomotors


Smart Grid Lab

Smart grid test bench has been installed to foster the knowledge of smart grid among the UG students as well as to perform various research related activities for PG Students and TRAs. The Smart Grid Set has Generation , Transmission and Distribution stations all equipped with appropriate CTs, PTs and necessary protective relays

  1. Electrical Power Generating station has Alternator sets of 2KVA capacity having 3 phases over current, Earth fault, relay, over voltage and under voltage relay.
  2. Solar Power Generating station with 3 KW ongrid inverter with Overcurrent and earth fault Protection. Wind energy station has a 3.73 KW Induction Generator with Programmable Inverters with provisions to simulate fault inside the induction Generation
  3. Electrical Power Transmission System Consists of three line models (18 pi sections) along with Overcurrent , earth fault ,overvoltage and Under Voltage Electrical Grid station consists of an Autotransformer 2KVA and Isolation transformer.
  4. Distribution station has two sets of 2.5 KVA Transformer with Overcurrent and earth fault protection
  5. SCADA System with IEC 61850 and Modbus Interface and entire setup is IoT enabled



Next Gen Lab

The department has established a Next Generation lab with 1994 batch alumni. This lab is used to impart knowledge of Next Generation Technologies like Internet of Things , Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Major Equipments

  • Arduino Uno
  • Bluetooth 5 Development Kits
  • Intel movidius computing stick
  • Dragino Lora Shield
  • Raspberry Pi module,
  • Arduino processors,
  • Xbee ,Zigbee, communication modules
  • Prototype development with 3D printer- Prusa i 3
  • NVIDIA Jetson nano GPU based Processor
  • Intel RealSense Robotic Development Kit
  • Turtle Bot Burger