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Research and Publications

The department continuously enhances its research facilities with the augmentation of sophisticated equipments. The department  organizing workshops and seminars  for the benefit of research scholars.  The department is Anna University recognized research centre from the academic year 2001-2002. Name of the faculty No.of Research paper publications (Detailed report Enclosed)



1 Dr.C.Sivanesan 5
2 Dr.C.Subramanian 8 50


(On Deployment)

4 Dr.S.R.Sumathy 6 2 18
5 Dr .R.Prakash 20 65
6 Dr.C.Vijayaprabha 6 4 11
7 Dr.S.Marirajmohan 17 3 129
8 Prof.S.M.Kavitha 2
9 Dr.K.Aarthi 5 4 78
10 Prof.A.Leelavathi 1
11 Dr .S.Pauline 5


Instructional materials

Sl.No Name of the Instructional material Copyright number Name of the Faculty year Status
1. 15CEC76-Concrete and highway laboratory 6210-2021-CO-L Dr.C.Vijayaprabha 2021 Copyright received
2 Design and Drawing for RCC and Steel structures L-101090/2021 Dr.K.Aarthi 2021 Copyright received


List of Books/Chapters Published




Author Title of the Book/Chapter Publisher Publication Year Language
1 Dr.R.Prakash Handbook of Sustainable Concrete and Industrial Waste Management Elsevier 2021 English


Gowtham Balasubraminan

Feasibility studies on Senton and Photo -senton process Scholars press 2016 English



Research Research

Journal Publications by Faculty: 2021

1. Fresh and mechanical characteristics of roselle fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete incorporating fly ash and metakaolin.
R.Prakash, Sudharshan N.Raman, N.Divyah, C.Subramanian, C.Vijayaprabha, S.Praveenkumar Construction and Building Materials. Volume 290, 5 July 2021, 123209

2. An investigation of key mechanical and durability properties of coconut shell concrete with partial replacement of fly ash
R Prakash, R Thenmozhi, SN Raman, C Subramanian, N Divyah Structural Concrete, Volume22, IssueS1, 2021

3. Mechanical characterisation of sustainable fibre-reinforced lightweight concrete incorporating waste coconut shell as coarse aggregate and sisal fibre
R Prakash, R Thenmozhi, SN Raman, C Subramanian, N Divyah, International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 18, pages1579–1590 (2021)

4. Characterization and behavior of basalt fiber reinforced lightweight concrete
N Divyah, R Thenmozhi, M Neelamegam, R Prakash, Structural Concrete 22 (1), 422-430, 2021

5. Experimental and analytical study on properties of self-curing concrete
S Sowdambikai, C Vijayaprabha, R Prakash, MC Ravathi, AIP Conference Proceedings 2327 (1), 020029, 2021


Journal Publications by Faculty: 2020

1. A review on aerobic self-forming dynamic membrane bioreactor: Formation, performance, fouling and cleaning
Mariraj Mohan,S.,Nagalakshmi.S, Journal of Water Process Engineering, Vol.37 (2020),Article no:101541, Elsevier.

2. Characterization of eco-friendly steel fiber-reinforced concrete containing waste coconut shell as coarse aggregates and fly ash as partial cement replacement
R Prakash, R Thenmozhi, SN Raman, C Subramanian, Structural Concrete 21 (1), 437-447, 2020.

3.Fibre reinforced concrete containing waste coconut shell aggregate, fly ash and polypropylene fibre
R Prakash, R Thenmozhi, SN Raman, C Subramanian , Revista Facultad de Ingeniería Universidad De Antioqui, 94,33-42, 2020.

4. Life-Cycle Sustainability Assessment in the Design of Concrete Structures in the Tropics: A Fundamental Analysis
F Jahandideh, SN Raman, M Jamil, R Prakash,Journal of Design and BuiltEnvironment 20(3), 43-51, 2020

5. Investigation on cyclic behaviour of FRC beams incorporating copper slag as sustainable waste,
Vijayaprabha, C, Brindha,2020, Journal of materials and Engineering structures, vol.7,no.2,293-306,ISSN.2170-127X

6. A review on aerobic self-forming dynamic membrane bioreactor: Formation, performance, fouling and cleaning,
Mariraj Mohan,S.,Nagalakshmi.S, Journal of Water Process Engineering, Vol.37 (2020),Article no:101541, Elsevier

7. Durability properties of copper slag and fly ash based concrete for a sustainable environments,
SR Sumathy, Sasi Rekha, Jegadheeswari & Arunprasath, 2020, ’ Materials today, Proceedings.

8.Mechanical and flexural performance of self compacting concrete with natural fiber,
Sethuraman Muthusamy Kavitha ,2020, Revista de la Construccion, vol. 19, no. 2 , pp. 370-380.

Journal Publications by Faculty: 2019

1. Comparative study on longitudinal shear resistance of light weight concrete composite slabs with profiled sheet,
Aarthi, K, E Jeyshankaran, &N Aranganathan, ‘’ Elsevier, Engineering Structures 200, 2019,109738.

2. Evaluation of long-term compressive strength of concrete made with copper slag and polypropylene fiber,
Vijayaprabha, C,2019, Journal of Structural Engineering, Journal of Structural Engineering, CSIR-SERC, vol. 46, pp. 441-448, ISSN: 0970-0137.

3.Mechanical characterisation and flexural performance of eco-friendly concrete produced with fly ash as cement replacement and coconut shell coarse aggregate
R Prakash, R Thenmozhi, SN Raman,International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development 18 (2), 131-148, 2019.

4. Studies on flexural behaviour of reinforced concrete beams with copper slag and fly ash,
Sumathy Raju & Brindha Dharmar, 2019, Structural concrete, (Annexure I). pp.1-7 doi: 10.1002/sucu.201800351.

5.Experimental and Analytical Study on flexural behaviour of reinforced concrete hollow beams,
M Ranjithkumar& SR Sumathy, 2019,International journal of Advance, Research, Ideas and Innovations in Technology, pp. 218-223, 5(3) ISSN: 2454-132X.

Research Award
Name of the Faculty Name of the Award/ Recognition Name of the Awarding Body Year
Dr.S.R.Sumathy Best Researcher Award Science Father 2021
Dr.R.Prakash Research Excellance Award 2020 Institute of Scholars(InSc) Oct 2020
Dr.C.Vijayaprabha Research Excellance Award 2020 Institute of Scholars(InSc) Oct 2020
Dr.S.Marirajmohan Best Research Paper Award RC Singh Prize of Institution of
Engineers India

Research Laboratories


  1. Heavy Testing Laboratory


Central fabrication and testing laboratory is utilized by UG,PG and Research scholars for fabrication and testing their specimens. The lab comprises of equipment to analyze dynamic properties using shake table, to study soil structure interaction by pile testing equipment, and to fabricate and testing the structural prototypes by applying static, dynamic, cyclic and fatigue loading. The responses can be monitored with the help of data acquisition system.


  1. Corrosion Laboratory

Concrete is the material to be analyzed its property throughout its service period. The students are utilizing this laboratory to analyze the durability characteristics of concrete by conducting acid resistance, sulphate resistance, rapid chloride penetration test, resistivity meter and AC impedance analyzer. The specimens are cast for minimum 28 days curing upto 180 days of testing.



  1. Environmental Laboratory

            The research works related to effluent treatment, waste management, industrial waste management, hazardous waste treatment are carried out by UG, PG and Full time part time research scholars.