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As per TEQIP project design, the institution has been selected for TEQIP-II based on its performance metrics of TEQIP-I. TEQIP – II is implemented with the intent to scale up PG Programs and Research activities of the institution. The Project duration was 2012-16.  Total amount sanctioned under TEQIP- II was Rs.17.5 Crore.


  • Strengthening institutions to improve learning outcomes and employability of graduates
  • Scaling‐up Postgraduate Education and demand‐driven Research & Development and Innovation
  • Establishing Centre of Excellence for focused applicable research.
  • Training of faculty for effective teaching, and
  • Enhancing Institutional and System Management effectiveness

The project was effectively implemented in the institution in accordance with the NPIU and state Government guidelines



Category % of Allotment Amount (Rs in Lahks)
1 Improvement in Teaching training and Learning Facilities 45 787.50
2 Assistantships 22 385.00
3 R&D and Consultancies 3 52.50
4 FDP & STP 14 245.00
5 Industrial Institute Interaction 3 52.50
6 Management Capacity Enhancement 2 35.00
7 Institutional Reforms 2 35.00
8 Academic Support for Weak Students 2 35.00
9 Incremental Operating Cost 7 122.50
                        Total           100 1750.00


Programmes conducted to enhance Teaching Learning Process.



Facilities added in the Institution under TEQIP-II

  • Virtual Class rooms were established in all the departments to facilitates ICT enabled teaching at the cost of Rs 67 Lakhs.
  • E-Yantra Robotics Lab was established at the cost of 18 Lahks.
  • Modern Electric Drive System Lab was established at the cost of Rs 43 Lakhs.
  • Institution was connected with Wi-Fi network at the cost of Rs 70 Lakhs.
  • Servo –Hydraulic UTM was purchased at the cost of Rs 57 Lakhs.
  • Helium neon laser equipment was purchased at the cost of Rs 23 Lakhs.
  • Pin-on Disc Tribometer, Physical Vapour Deposition Machine and Composite Impact testing machine were included in the Mechanical department.
  • Electronic workstations and Wireless sensor network equipments were added in the Electronics department.